25 things about me

1) I am two generations too far removed from the Chickasaw Nation to be able to claim favored minority status. That might have helped me to get into the college of my choice. (Of course, better grades might have also helped.)

2) I would like to have studied Vehicle Design at the Art Center College of Design and
Business at Stanford.

3) I’ve sustained a number of broken bones and other traumatic injuries while skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, motorcycle riding, mountain biking and other macho sports, but my most serious injury so far was suffered while… cheerleading. (Nearly broke my neck when I dropped a girl on my head in 1985. Still hurts from time to time.)

4) I can tolerate a wide variety of vices, but smoking has always been a huge turn-off for me. We are talking kick-Jennifer-Aniston-out-of-bed proportions here.

5) I am haunted by times in my past when I acted in ways that ended up hurting other people. The people and circumstances are too numerous to detail here, and besides that, I am clueless enough and my powers of denial well enough developed that I am certain to have missed or forgotten many of my more egregious examples of misbehavior. For those who I have wronged, I honestly hope that you can find some comfort in the fact that I have lived long enough to realize and regret many of my own shortcomings. You deserved better.

6) I have always been a voracious reader. My record so far is 759 pages (Harry Potter book 7) in one go.

7) I grew up hunting with my father and grandfather every fall and I am a good marksman with a number of different types of guns. Despite that, I have never been tempted to own one.

8) I can follow when necessary, but prefer to lead.

9) I love flying (both as a co-pilot and passenger) and came close to getting my license when I was 16.

10) I believe that humans (properly handled) have a nearly unlimited capacity to love.

11) I am decent at detail work and very good at seeing the big picture, but not as good at dealing with some of the really important stuff in the middle.

12) I am fluent in Swedish and used to be decent in Spanish, but my sister is better at picking up languages and accents than I am.

13) Scott Adams and I got the same score on the GMAT, and I think that he is right about many things, but I wish that he were not.

14) I grew up in a home with two loving parents and a great little sister. If I dig I can find things to complain about, but my family was always there to support me and help me to believe that the world was full of positive possibilities.

15) I sincerely hope that my children can learn good study habits from their mother and inherit the ability to soak up and regurgitate factoids as needed for tests from me.

16) I love to learn, but have trouble being taught by people that I don’t respect.

17) I went to Camp Wawona and Soquel Camp Meeting as a teenager primarily to meet and spend time with members of the opposite sex. I have reason to believe that I was not the only one who felt that way.

18) I have some pet grudges that I have nursed through the years, but in general find it easier to forgive others than to forgive myself.

19) I hate the fact that I sometimes have an awful temper, manic tendencies and depressive symptoms. Even so, I most often have a positive outlook.

20) My wife and I were friends for a long time before we were anything else to each other, and I can’t imagine ever having a better friend. She is the first person that I look for at a party and I feel much more comfortable in social situations when she is present.

21) My wife and I lived together before getting married, but we have always moved into new places together rather than one of us moving in with the other. That was by design, not by accident.

22) Being a good father is the most important responsibility that I will ever have, and by far the most rewarding. I can’t imagine my life without my children.

23) I think that most forms of religion touch upon the truth of the universe in some way, but none of them know as much about it as they claim, and few of them recognize the positive aspects of other religions.

24) I believe that the world would be a better place if believers, agnostics and atheists all had a more complete understanding of and abiding respect for the viewpoints of others.

25) I can imagine a fulfilling life without the use of any part or parts of my body, but if I lose my mind, please let me/help me move on with dignity and make sure that my organs are put to good use. I don’t think that it will be murder or suicide; it will just be human compassion. I understand that others feel otherwise and wouldn’t want to push my values upon them, but please accept my right to feel the way that I do about this.


Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 5:24pm

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