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The Pool

The pool awaits.


We mark time, conscious only of that above the surface, but the waters wait patiently.

Neither cruel nor kind, they wait for all who will one day know their embrace.

They are. They always have been. They always will be there. Waiting.

Strange that something so ever-present should remain so fearsome, so unsettling.

Anticipation and dread for those awaiting their turn, sadness and loss for those who remain aboveā€¦


Perhaps only those who are pushed in unknowingly and unprepared are free to explore

what lies beneath the surface – free from fear, free from chaos remaining here above.


I like to imagine that it is a quiet place, an existence on another level.

Weightless, set free from earthly bounds, perhaps they take time to look back

through the opacity that hides them from our eyes?

The ripples of their respective lives distort their view of us,

and there are much more interesting things to focus on down there,

but maybe they can see the crowd gathered at the edge of the pool

and maybe that pleases them somehow

in the brief moments before they move on to better worlds, unknown as yet to us.


For those who mourn today

Dane Thomas, 23 March 2009